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Slices of Life

Something I would probably never think to do at home: realize thirty minutes to midnight that I don’t have bread for breakfast tomorrow morning, then fix that instantly.

So, I’ve got this sort of experiment going, of buying progressively thicker slices of bread. It’s amusing, really. The bread I just bought has slices twice as thick as bread back home (the volume of manga in the picture above is my attempt at illustrating this terribly), which I think is sort of awesome. In order to get this bread, I used my commuter pass to hop down one stop to visit the supermarket at one of the exits, then catch the next train back — something that I also think is pretty awesome.

(One might ask, why didn’t you just go to the FamilyMart next door? I did. They were out of stock of four-slice loaves.) ◆

3 Thoughts on “Slices of Life

  1. Looks like the bread is double the size compared to the US.

  2. Oh man, I used to love single-digit, odd-sliced loaves of bread in Japan. Wait, did I say love? >:(

  3. tsubasa on October 31, 2012 at 8:06 am said:

    Eventually you’re just gonna plateau at an entire loaf each morning.

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